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Domain Name Registrar


If your a business (or maybe even an advanced home user) being able to register a domain name for your business can be a big deal. There is no shortage of DNS registrars out and with so many choices who should you pick. Well I hate to use the age old engineering catch-all answer, but it really depends on your needs. Assuming your looking here because your more in the small business block (or maybe not) I personally use and recommend Namecheap. Why you ask? Well honestly its the simplicity and almost all inclusive nature of Namecheap. When you register a domain name you don't just get that registration, you also get a "basic" DNS service that is quite honestly pretty darn good. You have options for mail forwarding, private email or the use of your own MX records. It includes all of the basic record types like A, cname, url redirection AND DYNAMIC DNS! All included as part of the price for the DNS. Along with the typical Whois protection to protect your personal information and 2-Factor authentication Namecheap really lives up to its name and having now been a user for several years I can tell you that its has been easy to use and with even its basic DNS services has no problems integrating with Microsofts Office 365 services and the Sophos UTM 9 (Dynamic DNS works great)!

Network Security

Sophos Universal Threat Management (UTM 9)

You've heard it on the news several times now, some big name business has had a security breach and important customer data was compromised. Credit Card numbers, expiration dates, debit card pins all have been stolen and worst of all customer trust has been lost. Well in the world of computing the threat can come from many different angles, and the honest answer is that no one can be 100% secure. There will always be something vulnerable to a hackers attacks, but you can make that attack surface much smaller with a UTM. 

So what is Universal Threat Management? Well it's a device that provides a one stop solution for your security needs. It includes a firewall (country specific blocking!), intrusion prevention system, web proxy (including SSL), in-line antivirus, virtual private networking and a whole lot more. All of these combine to provide a very powerful layer of security to keep out the malware and reduce your network attack surface to the outside world.

Whats the catch? Well... if you aren't technical, then you will need help setting up and maintaining a system like this. It has a lot of complex components, all of which will need some detailed configuration so you are protecting your network while allowing the day to day operation of your business to continue without interference from your own security. 

Why do I recommend the Sophos UTM? I USE IT! And it works great, which is especially nice when I notice connections from other less reputable countries that were blocked. If I'm out on a public WIFI and want to check my banks website, then I log into my VPN and now I have an encrypted connection back to my own personal internet. Even if you have a basic firewall I highly suggest you check out this product. On the chance that you are technically skilled and wanting to try this yourself at home, then Sophos has a free version for home use!