Blog: CrashPlan drops consumers

Hey there everyone! I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But unless you haven't already heard, Code42 the parent company of the CrashPlan cloud backup product has announced their decision to leave the consumer market to focus on the business market. Don't panic! CrashPlan is not cutting off your current backups just yet. Fortunately if you have a current subscription they will continue to backup your files like they always have and you will be able to restore them as usual. In addition they are also extending active subscriptions by two months to give everyone time to shop around for another provider. Unfortunately that means our cloud based backups will need to be switched to another solution and frankly I am not a fan of CrashPlans suggest provider for various reasons, so I cannot recommend Carbonite . I am already evaluating possible replacements and once I find a suitable replacement for CrashPlan I will let everyone know and will update the website so you can also continue to keep your data safe and secure!